The reviews are in and they’re highlighting Bulletstorm VR’s ability to blend high-speed action with the immersive power of virtual reality.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of the original Bulletstorm or new to the franchise, these reviews paint a clear picture: Bulletstorm VR is not just a game; it’s an extraordinary experience. Gamers across the spectrum have described it as mindlessly fun, a rip-roaring gauntlet, and a fresh twist on the FPS genre, all bundled into a VR package that revives the game’s world in a way never seen before.

Dive into what makes Bulletstorm VR a must-try for both VR enthusiasts and action gamers alike.

Battle your way through a kick ass journey with ‘Bulletstorm VR,’ designed to transform the iconic shooter into a groundbreaking virtual reality experience.

“I really enjoyed playing Bulletstorm. It’s just mindless fun” 

Mac in VR (Bulletstorm VR Quest 2 Review)

“I was surprised by how much I ended up enjoying Bulletstorm VR. With how fast the original moved, I thought I was in for a VR version of a town fair teacup ride. Instead, it was a rip-roaring gauntlet, and a refreshing twist on the terrible things I could do to my enemies with whatever weapons and environmental hazards I had at my disposal.”

7 / 10
Shacknews (Bulletstorm VR PSVR2 Review)

“This is exactly what I expected. It’s an old-school shooter. Just shooting and a lot of pure action. Everything works as intended.”

-VoodooDE VR (Bulletstorm VR Quest 3 Review)

“I originally played this game over 10 years ago, and while I did enjoy it, I’ve got to say my VR playthrough was much better. To the point where I basically played the entire game in one day.” 

– Matteo331(Bulletstorm VR Steam VR Review)

This is a call to all hard-core gamers seeking a challenge that tests their skills in a dynamic, VR environment. With its high-octane action and deep immersion in VR technology, Bulletstorm VR redefines the intensity and excitement of virtual reality gaming. 

The game’s unique skillshot system rewards creative combat tactics, allowing players to earn points for executing the most imaginative and deadly moves. It’s not just about shooting; it’s about how stylishly you can take down your enemies.

Bulletstorm VR needs to be experienced firsthand to be fully appreciated. So strap in for yourself what all the buzz is about!